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What About Jesus?

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

In this excerpt, my angle is not to convince anyone that has their mind made up of doctrine or religion based typology in who Jesus is, and how one can know Him. Though I can give a thorough outline of those who have doctrines who believe that Jesus was a good man, only a prophet, a radical history maker, a supernatural being. Some believe He never existed, that He is dead, or He was person who lived in a religious order like those who taught philosophies for man to live by. I want you to know how I came to know Him. This is my way of lying down an outline of my relationship with my Lord and Savior to keep away from doctrines, religion, beliefs, occult, and other false religions who practice contrary to the Holy Bible.

In September 1, 1995, while walking with a friend of mine, she asked me if I was a Christian. I told her no, I went to church sometimes, of course, at that time I did not know the difference. I answered correctly. I did not have Jesus living in my heart nor did I even try to live a morally clean life prior to that question. She asked if I would like to ask Jesus into my heart, and I earnestly said a prayer with her, and it was as though things looked different. As I read the bible, went to bible studies, went to church and prayed, I began to tell that there was a difference in me.

A couple of my friends from my past even noticed that there was a difference. I no longer wanted to do anything wrong to hurt Jesus. It was as if though all those things my parents told me not to do, where things I did not want to do even when they were not watching over me. I knew Jesus was watching over me. It was an awful thought to think my parents catching me do anything wrong, much less to have the one who can see “everything” watching over me every minute. It was not fear, but rather freedom. It was a freedom to choose to do what was right. I know the things I have done. I wish to never repeat them in thought or action.

My testimony does bring glory to God, but that is for another book for another time. What captured my attention was how could this Jesus, know everything I have done love me? Sure, I had lots of questions about the Bible, but the questions about living a right life no longer was an issue. The terrible things I used to do, I no longer desired to do them. My life was truly changed. I was so excited about what was going on in my life, I no longer had to hide and live a double life, one of lies, shame, and deception. I had a great group of brothers and sisters in the Lord who took time to invest in my life. Those who knew how I used to live knew something was different. Jesus changed my life. I wanted everyone to ask Jesus into his or her life. I would invite all of my friends. I could not help but to share the Word with everyone I knew, and have been doing it since then. Evangelism started on day two of my conversion, as I would lead my college classmates to Jesus.

I was part of Chi Alpha where Bible Study and fellowship were an important part of my growth. I became the President of SGA (Student Government Association) where I was able to lead prayer at our college campus. I led prayer groups for National Day of Prayer, See You at the Pole, Jericho Caravans. Eventually I began ministries on the street, for bereavement, children, singles adults, and Sunday School. Praise and Worship, Greeter, Council Member, Pastor, Missionary, Evangelist, Prophet, and Teacher were ministries that soon followed.

Some months later, after receiving the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues, I had a dream of Jesus. I felt as though I was literately in the midst of what was happening and all of my senses were aware of my surroundings. The dream that changed my perspective on how the Lord spoke to me is in more detail in the beginning of this book. I knew that the Lord spoke when I would read His letters to me in the Bible.

I could also sense that the Lord’s presence was around me while I was sitting outside, walking town, or just sitting. After that February, I understood a part of Jesus I had only read about. Dreams were a way that the LORD would reveal Himself and what was later evident to become a prophetic word. Several examples are given throughout the bible. At that time, even still, I was not able to quote scripture word for word. I was still trying to understand bible study, but I searched the word whenever I had a question on something. I learned through bible study, preachers’ messages, prophetic disciples, personal visions, and dreams. I knew for sure when Jesus spoke to me, I did not doubt it to be Him. He was loud and clear as a person conversing with a friend at a diner. Here is what I have learned about Jesus:

* Jesus is alive.

* Jesus is eternal.

* Jesus is God.

* Jesus is man.

* Jesus is Spirit.

* Jesus is a healer.

* Jesus is above angels.

* Jesus is more than a prophet.

* Jesus is the Word manifested.

* Jesus is the Savior.

* Jesus is love.

* Jesus is more than a philosopher.

* Jesus will change your life.

* Jesus cannot lie.

* Jesus is holy.

* Jesus is Lord.

You can experience Jesus, not just hear about Him. Let doctrine and religion be something you are willing to let go of and ask Jesus to teach you who He is. I am not suggesting that you let go of what you have learned from your beliefs, but rather, give Jesus a chance to show you Himself. If you have known about Jesus, but have not had a chance to have a revelation of Jesus, than ask Him to show you, and He will show you. If you have needed some change in your life of some issues that have been hard for you to get rid of, Jesus will take care of you and help you get rid of those things.

There are programs that people attend that are helpful, like Alcoholics Anonymous, Celebrate Recovery, and Anger Management, but they are a tool that will mitigate your issue. Jesus is able to eliminate your issue because He is available 24/7 365 for the rest of your life. If you need someone to be accountable to, be accountable to Jesus. He will let you know what you need to do. Are you sick in body, mind, or spirit? Jesus will heal, deliver, and renew you. If you just need a way to keep from doubting, ask Jesus, He will let you know the truth. Are you in bondage, addictions, witchcraft, the occult? Ask Jesus to come into your heart. He will give you a new life worth living more than what you ever thought you could. Jesus is the answer for all of your problems, troubles, and struggles.

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