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Outreach / Street Ministry
Webpage Design
Create Facebook Pages / Groups
Christian Events / Marriage / Funerals
Promote Christian Businesses
Non-Profit Organization Trainer
Military / Veteran Ministries
Connect Missionaries and Ministries
Speak at Seminars / Revivals
Resumes, Living Wills, or Typing Personal Documents
Notary Public - Texas
Teach Computer Software Programs
Assist Writers Become Authors
Light For Every Nation Facebook Page
S.T.E.P. UP Online Women's Ministry
Here For You Home Services
I have written books based on some of my experiences in ministry.  
From Glory To Glory: Enraptured. 
From Glory To Glory: The Dew Under The Leaf
From Glory To Glory: In His Time
Veterans Unchained - Breaking the Chain of Trauma One Link at a Time
Let Go or Be Dragged
Clinging to the Vine
Return To Me: My Scars Are Healed
Unexpected Blessing: Finding Joy
Veterans Unchained 2.0 - Lessons Learned
Kaleidoscope - Developing an Optimistic View of Life
Unexpected Blessings - Forgiveness
Red Power Suit - Leading through Positive Influence​
Unexpected Blessings - Kindness 
Coming Soon:
Unexpected Blessings - Thankfulness
Poetry In Motion Project
From Glory To Glory - Mission Possible
Veterans Unchained 3.0
Veterans Unchained 4.0
All Books Available through Amazon
Get your Copy TODAY!!!
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