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Fragments Have Purpose

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

By Gloria Nesloney

Knickknacks lined up on Mom’s shelf of collectibles from different parts of the world. One of those curios was a kaleidoscope from her childhood. As my older brother had first choice to look through the object, he kept oohing and awing about what he saw. I was getting anxious. What could be so exciting about what seemed to be a simple toy? Then it was my turn to look through. It was that day my world opened up to moving colors and shapes that transformed at the slightest turn of my hand. I was lost in the oohing and awing too as my eyes were fixed on the endless movement of fragments changing with my kindergarten fingers. I peered into a looking glass with pieces of colored glass and reflecting mirrors. What the kaleidoscope taught me was that even the simplest of toys can seem meaningless on the outward appearance, but one has to look inside to find the fragments of life that tell their own story.