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The Bread of Life

Sad that in some "religions" people don't believe that Christ is present in the Communion when the BIBLE clearly states that HE IS THE BREAD OF LIFE.  We may think we are fighting amongst ourselves or other religions to think otherwise when in actuality, we are fighting against GOD's word.  Religion will never win that one no matter how loud and how many don't agree.  What is it about the Body of Christ that is so wonderful?!  There are so many things that are way too wonderful for my mind to comprehend, but that which I do…I am struck with humility…I am mere human, my sacrifices', my refuse towards earthly gains, my sufferings can never ever be compared to that of Christ.

  • As the grain falls to earth, Jesus came to the earth.

  • As the grain grows in nurture and strength, Jesus grew in wisdom and stature.

  • As the grain is picked off the shaft, Jesus was selected for a special purpose.

  • As the grain is crushed to a powder, Jesus was beaten beyond recognition.

  • As the grain is baked under the fire, Jesus was put on trial by the fury of many.

  • As the grain rises and is transformed, Jesus rose and was transformed.

  • As the grain is received by many for the substance of life, Jesus is received by many for the substance of Eternity.

By Gloria Garcia 2010

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