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What About Holy Spirit?

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Holy Spirit has always been a part of my life. I just did not know it at the time. I remember individuals saying they had a gut feeling, but somehow this did not make sense to me. I could hear someone tell me not to do certain things that could have been dangerous or cautioned me to keep from harm. At the age of nine until I was fifteen when I was afraid or in need of comfort, I would sing in different languages and somehow knew what I was singing. I found out Holy Spirit was with me. I have had some trauma in my lifetime, I knew I was in danger, but it was Holy Spirit who kept me from feeling the fullness of it.

This blog is not about the episodes I experienced of those battles, but know that thanks to Holy Spirit, I was kept from eminent, permanent, physical, and emotional harm. Holy Spirit is the one who opened my eyes to receive Jesus as my Lord and Savior. He was there to guide me into all truth. He helped me to be kind to my enemies, forgive those who have wronged me and give me a peace beyond my understanding. I did not escape any event without remembrance of how terrible things were, or the pain I went through. I was not saved from disturbing nightmares, evil intentions, or illness.

However, Holy Spirit was with me through it all. Women who have endometriosis know that pain is part of the illness. I was unaware that this was not normal for young ladies to feel this kind of physical pain until I was diagnosed when I was 30 years old. I was not a person of prayer at the time in the beginning of the painful bouts, but I knew people who did pray. When I did learn to pray, I prayed in tongues, avoided medication as much as possible, and believed for my healing. Prayer did indeed help calm me, but my body still writhed in pain. I wish I could say that I was instantly healed, but that’s not accurate in this case.

One day in 2004, something went wrong with my body. It was a normal day for the most part, I was not supposed to be in pain because it was not time according to the calendar. All of a sudden, I felt like a chainsaw went through my pelvis, up my stomach through my back and out my shoulders. I began vomiting uncontrollably, was dizzy, passed out, and my skin color turned gray. My parents took me to the emergency room two times that day, but the doctors could not figure out what happened. I remember how cold I was feeling as my teeth chattered even though it was a hot Texas summer. I did what I knew to do to try to keep myself calm during the pain. I began to pray in tongues. It worked. The pain was gone, not instantly, but without the assistance. My mom never heard me pray before until that day and she knew that everything was going to be fine. A friend suggested that I go to an appropriate facility to get checked out. When I reluctantly did, the found that I had a huge tumor on my ovary and one had busted which is the pain I experienced just a couple of months before when I was in emergency. The chills that came to me the day of the incident was a sign of infection that miraculously did not advance.

Holy Spirit was with me, that’s all I needed to know and He protected me from the potential dangers without doctors. This is not to say that I don’t go to doctors or that I don’t use medical technology. Rather, that Holy Spirit showed me how to pray through the pain. I eventually did have surgery and medication to keep from further damage to my health. In times of great distress, sadness, or trouble, Holy Spirit has given me a peace that I can share with others. Holy Spirit also gives me words of encouragement, discernment, wisdom, and knowledge for others. Sometimes He even lets me sing prayers to others who are in distress. The songs roll off my lips from my heart that I have never heard. There is just something about Holy Spirit that makes me feel knowing He is there in the midst of trouble to bring all chaos into order. Holy Spirit is not separate from God or Jesus. They work together.

Holy Spirit has His own role:

* Holy Spirit guides.

* Holy Spirit reveals God and Jesus.

* Holy Spirit gives knowledge.

* Holy Spirit gives truth.

* Holy Spirit opens the hearts of people to receive Jesus.

* Holy Spirit gives wisdom.

* Holy Spirit speaks to God’s people.

* Holy Spirit always brings glory to God’s will and purpose.

* Holy Spirit is not a thing, He is a person.

* Holy Spirit invites us to participate in prayer.

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