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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

What do we need to do to keep our lives blameless, and pure before the Lord? We need to confess, repent, and turn away from the filthiness of our evil desires. Resist the devil when we are tempted and do not follow the destiny meant for him. It is up to us to make the choice to follow the enemy or to follow Christ. If people say they are not tempted by the devil, then I can understand why people do not repent. They become comfortable and at peace while being led by evil desires. They do not want to admit they sin. Therefore, the enemy has them right where he wants them, away from God. How can you walk with the Lord without moving forward? We need to take the next step of faith, to build up on the foundation of salvation by grace.

As we turn from our wicked way, we will have keener hearing when the Lord calls us. We will know His voice. We will know that He will be saddened when we have done wrong especially deliberately against His will. It will be evident to the believer and those around them that they are talking different, hoping different, and living differently. They no longer cuss or curse. They no longer hope in getting their next fix, sex, drug, alcohol, smoke, indulgence, or fortune. They no longer live in the bars, sleep in the shack up houses, call the psychics, or deal drugs in the streets.

A life that has been touched by God should also have the appearance as such keeping away from all forms of ungodliness. We will not have to ask the questions that beginner Christians ask. We will know that adultery, murder, stealing, lying, envy, pride, lust, anger, drunkenness, greed, homosexuality, gluttony, and slothfulness is not pleasing to the Lord. That is what the world does and they will be held accountable. How much more will we be accountable for our sins that have been saved by his grace?

If we are the children of God who are going to live with Him, we need to get things right. Obey all of His commandments. The love of God could follow someone straight to hell. The grace of the Lord could get them out. The sacrifice of the Lord made a way to start over. The will of the Lord is that we would not continue in sin. The Lord cannot look upon the wicked. The wicked are the ones who believed, followed, served, but they failed in doing everything in a manner worthy of a King. The foolish man, who does not know God, receives the same punishment on judgment as the wicked.

What is the next step? Let us get cleaned up. If the direction you were going was not getting you closer to God, try Jesus. Do not only want to be saved, get born-again. Do not just want to be a Christian, be a child of God. Do not barely get by with a little good here and there. In all your ways, bring Glory to God, by what you say, what you do, in your deeds, and in your heart.

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