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What About God?

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Why is there such a hostility to make one’s opinion try to change another man’s mind about what he believes or does not believe? Can one more person make it any clearer to help others understand that the search for answers all lies in the one who created it all, not in the created ones. In other words, God who made everything has the answer for everything. People, with their capacity of knowledge, cannot explain everything, so they deny God to exist because they cannot humanly figure God out. For centuries, people have argued every aspect there could possibly be to argue. Where water came from, what elements make up the color blue, how is a baby formed, where do we came from, how many fish are there in the sea, is there a God? The same people who will argue the minor points will in the same breath argue the major issues. I spoke to a non-believer one day while he insisted to let me know all the reasons there was no God. He could not see, feel, taste, smell, or hear Him.

If God was really who He says He was, then why do bad things happen? He said God is nothing more than a figment of imagination. If you can imagine He exists, then He does, if you cannot imagine He exists then He does not. That journey was one of the many tests I had to take to let unbelievers know about the true and living God. I began to ask my friend, “If you do not believe in something because you cannot see, feel, taste, smell, or hear it, then how do you know that you are breathing air? Someone had to explain it to you first before you knew that what you were feeling, hearing, or smelling air. You sensed it before you understood it, right? If something does not exist such as a person, place, or thing, it does not have a name, character, or form, right? You say you do not believe in God, yet you give Him a name. You also say that if He did exist, why do bad things happen, so that means you also recognize some of God’s attribute. If God was nothing more than a figment of your imagination, you haven’t been able to understand who He is, so you deny He exists.” He said, “Yes, in that order.”

We were driving from Freer to Corpus Christi and along the highway; there are plenty of telephone poles trailing the roadside. I challenged my friend to imagine the telephone poles not being there and drive fast into its direction. He looked at me and was perplexed at my response when I had requested such a dangerous drive. I told him, “I can imagine all I want that those polls are not there, but that is not going to change the fact that they are there, right? But if I tell you those polls are not there without saying “let us imagine they are not there,” and you seeing them there does not change the fact either, does it? If you continued to drive in the direction of the poles, with either a statement or idea that the polls are not there, we will all know they were there when we hit them. You would know because you saw and felt the impact, I would know because I heard and felt the impact. I have felt God and told you I did, it does not mean He does not exist; it only means that you have to feel Him too.

Your correct response should not be that there is no God, but that you haven’t felt Him. God is not about our imagination that can be motivated by our circumstances, situations, and problems. As it is we can imagine we are eating ice cream, but if you do not have any, you are just doing that, imagining. When you eat ice cream, you will know it. You can tell others that you ate ice cream, but if they did not see you eat it, will they all call you a liar? Could it be that ice cream does not exist? Just because I did not see you eat ice cream, does it mean you did not eat ice cream? To stop the matter, I could just believe you ate ice cream because you told me, even if I did not physically see you eat it. You then start telling me your experience with ice cream, the flavors, the color, the texture, the temperature, I could grasp an understanding based on what you told me and just believe. I am hoping that you could grasp an understanding based on what I tell you. This is what I know about God:

* God is more than a feeling.

* God is more than understanding.

* God is more than imagination.

* God is who He said He is.

* God is creator of all things.

* God is the only one all knowing.

* God is the answer to the questions.

* God is near.

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