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Rebirth or Afterbirth

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Are you born again? Are you saved? Do you live a life seeking holiness and righteousness before God and people. Many have gone from the faith because of the worries and cares of the world. There are the ones that received the word with joy, but they did not get root to grow in stability. Because the root was not deep, they withered away. Then still there are the ones who grew but were deceived and discouraged by the worker of iniquity. Yet God has set apart the true believers from those who were just trying to escape judgment.

When you have been born again, it’s like going back to day one when we did not know anything about life. We had to be taught how to walk, talk, eat, it all took time to learn, but one thing was sure, we were born. One thing is sure as a believer, we’ve been reborn. But, what have we done with our life learning how to live the life of Christ and doing what He says?

We should be walking, talking, eating, and learning spiritual precepts. Have you ever seen a baby grow up with the placenta still attached to the umbilical cord as the baby got older? The placenta is what gave nourishment while the baby was in the womb growing. The umbilical cord gives direct blood flow into the baby while the baby is in the womb growing. That is it. After the birth the afterbirth is stripped away as the baby will endure the world it is about to live in.

Some Christians are holding on to the umbilical cord of those before them. Some are holding on to the nourishment the word at the beginning that they lived on. But the sad truth is that when the placenta has served its purpose it dries up and then withers away. The umbilical cord falls off as a sign of growing up. From the time of being out of the womb all of this was cut off. The doctor cut off the supply for the growing and endurance of the new born baby.

When we receive Christ we are taken care of for a while needing the nourishment and support of one to teach us what to and instruct us on how to live the Christian life. Our responsibility is to eventually grow up and get nourishment by ourselves. Through reading the Word and praying we grow. Our support is knowing that God is able to take care of us when we obey His commandments. Our maturity is significant to being reborn through the spirit of God and the fruit will be evident. If we do not let the doctor cut off the supply, we will constantly rely on the afterbirth and not go on to grow up.

So what is the purpose of being reborn, to continue to be a baby, no. It is our nature to not push ourselves to get out of comfort zones, old ways, the way things used to be. That was great for the time it was necessary. The placenta and umbilical cords of Christianity is taken away and forgotten, dead, not even noticeable for those that have matured a week, a month, a year, decade. That is how it should be. It takes time. It took time to grow in your natural life, be patient and willing to grow in your new Spiritual life.

Don’t expect everyone to grow at the same rate as you did. Show them grace to want to grow with you and then to be able to grow beyond you.

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