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Many Lovers, No Love

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Relationships come in many facets. Some are friendships, acquaintances, family, co-workers, dating and marriage. This is familiar to most of the families around the world. You meet someone who is nice to you, you spend time together, you enjoy the company, you become interested and then you are inseparable. Get married, you do not have the same kind of relationship, it is supposed to be much deeper. Times change and then you become irritated until you become separated. What happened to first love, true love, or anything called love? Mistakenly, love has been a substance, not evidence; it is become a thing not an action. It has become an activity not an attitude.

The woman at the well experienced several of these conditions of love that was not unconditional. We do not know about the men, but we can say that the woman tried to find love and instead of marrying again, she figured why go through all the trouble. It will just cause more heartache. Love is something everyone needs and looks for.

The Samaritan woman had been ridiculed by the village. How can we know? Women got water at the evening or early in the morning when it was cool. She was getting water alone in the afternoon. But something happened when True Love came in her path. She experienced love for the first time, unconditional and giving. She got so caught up in the moment that she forget her vessel (burden) at the well to tell everyone what happened to her that day.

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