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Cissy and Whitney Houston

One day I was driving and I heard the Lord say, "Pray for Cissy, she will be devastated, but I am with her". I didn't know any Cissy. I prayed for Cissy. And as I prayed I heard the Lord say, "the Houston family belongs to Me, but many will mock and test their faithfulness towards Me. I look at the heart.".

I began to pray for Cissy and the Houston family. When all of a sudden I was reminded Cissy was Whitney Houston's mom. I brushed it off because I thought why would she need prayers, why would she need them from me, she knows so many people. My heart felt tight and saddened all of a sudden. I cried bitterly for no apparent reason. After trevail, and I felt like I did what I was supposed to do, to Pray.

I called my friend Imelda Garza Sharber. I told her what I heard, how I felt, and the time that started till the trevail ended. She did not know of any reason that I would feel like that at that time. About an hour later, Imelda called me and asked if I heard the news about Whitney Houston. I did not know until she told me. It was that day, that hour, that Cissy lost her beautiful daughter.

I don't doubt the Lord speaks, it always surprises me on who chooses me to pray for. I know without a doubt when the Lord says to pray for someone, He means RIGHT NOW! Sometimes I even text or call people that the Lord has on my heart and give them a specific word for their need.

Please, if you sense the Lord calling you to intercede, don't wait! Do it Right Now. It could mean everything for someone to know that you are praying for them. RIGHT NOW!

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