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Janie - As If Nothing Ever Happened

As I sat, all of a sudden I got a feeling of deep sadness and sorrow. I just couldn’t shake it off. I didn’t know why it happened, or who it was for. I began to intercede for this person that may be experiencing it. I prayed until I got an answer from the Lord. He told me to call a friend of mine. I’ll call her Janie. The Lord told me, “Just tell her, in two weeks, it will be like nothing ever happened.”

Janie was known for her ability to prophesy and pray for others often. This time the prayer was for her. Only she would know what this meant. I had not seen Janie for over six months.

When I called her, I mentioned the Lord had me call her. I told her about the feeling that overwhelmed me, but it wasn’t about me. I asked if she knew anything about it. Janie asked me if there was any more information. I said the only thing the Lord said was “In two weeks it will be as if nothing ever happened.” I told her it didn’t make sense to me, I asked if it made any sense to her.

Janie was in agreement that what I heard and felt were from the Lord. It was an intercession answer for her. The time frame was exactly when she received the devastating news that her sister was in an accident. The sister was struck by a vehicle while riding her bicycle.

The sister was in critical condition with broken bones, a head concussion, and was in a coma. The doctors were unsure of how bad the head injury was but it was serious. Fluid was building up around her brain. I shared my concern and prayer with Janie and assured her that the Lord said, “In two weeks it will be as if nothing ever happened.”

It has been a practice of mine that when I am praying for someone, I follow-up to ensure that their prayer request has been answered. I check to see if they need someone to keep praying for their situation. Two weeks had passed with no report of the situation of my friend’s sister.

After work, I called. Janie was at the hospital with her sister and I could hear her voice elated. I asked how her sister was doing. Janie said, “My sister just woke up from the coma. She is alert and the doctors are amazed at how well she is doing. It was like nothing ever happened.” We celebrated the good news quietly because there was a room full of people.

Janie said, “My sister doesn’t remember the incident and the only real evidence of injury is she didn’t know what day it was or phone numbers. I said, “You know that is hard for a lot of us.” We both chuckled and we gave our sincerest praises to the Lord.

I became more aware of intercession. At this point of my walk with the Lord, I knew to give the burden to Him and ask Him how He wanted me to participate. The Lord has been faithful and even when I didn’t understand or know what was going on; I believed the Lord would direct me.

Intercession never ended, it still continues as an integral part of my life. For the sake of writing the many details, I wanted to capture this event that helped catapult my faith from action of doing the unknown, to rising in the confidence and knowledge that if God said it, I not only believe it, I know it to be true.

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