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Arise My Love

I feel so unworthy of such great mercy, love, and kindness that You bestow upon me.  It is a great blessing to be with riches, health, and favor, but I am most thankful that YOU LOVE ME still.  When all my soul desires is to be free from sin and shame, that knowledge and wisdom that no matter what, Your love is greater than the darkest hours of my life.  You shine through.  In this time, I can't help it if, after 25 years of serving You, I still say "FORGIVE ME, LORD." 

I have not yet learned that with every new morning comes new challenges to keep my eyes focused on the ONE who does LOVE ME.  Why does this grow stronger, why does forgiveness seem to be my beckoning call daily, because I have not yet grasped the fullness of YOUR LOVE.  Even in part as I do know, I try to share, but yet there is so much more to learn.

Arise my LOVE, Arise in my heart, Arise in my spirit, Arise like the morning sun with surety, with brilliance, with revelation upon the revelation of all you have to give when I sit in your presence.  And when I can comprehend just a little more, let me not be silent to share that with those around me. 

Shine with radiance, and as I gaze upon you, may those around me see Your reflection in my eyes.  Bless me in my searching, until I have found you. I will remain faithful to the calling.  Bless me with JOY unspeakable and full of GLORY as Your image is impressed upon my heart to share what has been given to me.  And yet there is so much more.

By Gloria Nesloney

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