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All In A Chip

In my lifetime, all I have known was computer access for everything, and it is upgrading as soon as I finally learn the latest program or software.  I know I am not the only one, but without upgrading and all the parameters needed in order to have access can be frustrating.  So what is the bait and why do I keep learning systems that take forever without instruction from the manufacturer.  It's the same trap we all get into.  When you have invested time, money, and effort into something, you don't give it up as easily.  (Same should be said of our relationship with so many facets)

The other day I was on my phone and talking to a friend about meeting at an Italian restaurant for dinner.  All of a sudden all kinds of ads, events, coupons, and maps popped up on my screen about the best places to eat around 5 miles close to where I was.  Then the suggestion was specific to Italian food of what we were talking about.  I wasn't looking at any of that information before.   Creepy.

My computer programming studies started when I was in the eighth grade with Pascal, C.O.B.A.L, B.A.S.I.C., and D.O.S. on a computer that was the size of a desk and monochrome. To this day, Syntex Error still rattles my nerve or system processing may take a while. While I was in college in 1990's we were finally able to utilize Windows. Still, it was a slow, monochrome black screen with green letters, no selection for fonts, underline, or bold letters. Your safety net was to have the right toggle key cheat sheet. Oh, and who can remember the irritating sound of Modems connecting when we finally had the internet? Many innovations have made computers smaller, affordable, and easier to use. Now, most families carry a phone or two that have the same capabilities. Thank goodness...maybe.

When I was learning about the Super Computer System, our textbook mentioned it was located in Germany. The pictures were old and I remembered the name for it was the B.E.A.S.T.  I did not have religion, I was merely in a computer class learning with all my other classmates. I was appalled to hear many disqualify that anything like that exists, even today. The most common argument: There are chips smaller than the Super Computer known as the B.E.A.S.T. that can do so much more. That is creepier than the B.E.A.S.T. itself whether the machine exists or not. We do know that chips do exist.

On Facebook, there is the ability to tag a person in a picture by face identification. Creepy. It could sound like a science fiction story becoming non-fiction if this ever got to Artificial Intelligence face identification on a weapon of mass destruction on a micro drone. These drones could carry small artillery or explosives and be targeted to a person, place, or thing. We would fear for our lives, we would be careful to hide our face. Maybe this WMD would be able to identify eyes only since everyone will learn to wear a mask? It could happen. Sorry about that, my military instincts kick in once in a while. Let's get back to the blog.

Don' t you think it is ironic that fallacy is not always at the moment, but the truths that come about it come at a later time. I am not opposed to technology or its capabilities, resources I can have access to or my connection to a world outside of my home. My concern is the world within those little micro / nano / chips that can store so much information. A world that in of itself can be dangerous if we don't fast from using computer systems for everything. I am guilty. Whether for the good of all people or for our detriment, I do not know, but what I do know, get ready for a 5G information system that will get more information at a faster rate than ever before with less effort and less space to a multitude all over the world and yes even into space (Satellites and Artificial Intelligence).

The only countries that might be safe are those in far Northern and Southern Hemispheres where hunting and fishing, igloo, and jungles with the Indigenous population who don't know what a computer is or have phone access.  There are still very few of these tribes that are not "hot-wired" to electronic systems.

When the World Wide Web first came out, the Jewish were against it from the beginning because the letters www represent 666 in the Hebrew alphabet. Like everything with time, they became accustomed to it as did we.   We accepted it's elementary flaws until it started doing something that we never thought it could do, be a part of our daily life.  Then we accepted the slowness of it and experts trying to speed things up.  Then we accepted sharing not only on an internal network but also sharing on the "CLOUD" system.  Then we took virtual reality as a game and didn't take it seriously.  Now we are doing school in a virtual reality realm.  Now the children have to have a computer system in order to learn.  Homeschooling was frowned upon, but some are considering it, though it may be too late since the children are used to a society based on technology.  Many youths don't know how to cook, have domestic or mechanical skills, read books, think for themselves, but they sure know how to use computers for games and ordering items without having to leave their home.

This video is not only an eye-opener because this is already on my radar, but it is the truth of what is going on RIGHT NOW.  Please see video: Billy Crone: The Antichrist and the Surveilliance State.

Neglecting to say that prophecy is not happening in our day is like following a blind man who is leading us right down the cliff of no return.

There are several facilities that make "glitter" exactly like the picture shown above in the millions. They process these and send them out world-wide. The company which I will not name is not a US-owned company. The company has a disk the size of a quarter that can hold a thousand specks of "glitter." What are they used for? Everything electronic. They are involved internationally with aerospace, medical devices, home security products, industrial manufacturers, raising the technology bar with absolute zero error acceptance for any of their products. Lots of their products have to be packaged on 8mm paper tape. Why? Because they are so small. If one was to sneeze, it could be disastrous so extra measures are taken to ensure the safety of production, quality, and delivery of this "glitter".

I know that if one fears the future of anything it should be their salvation. This is important because Jesus is the Answer! I am not one to predict times and seasons, but I also know that this is not science fiction and it is close to home...already in our home. It may already be in our bodies if you are one who is ok with shots or medications. Ever heard of Bio-Nano-Chip?


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