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A Friend Loves At All Times

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

How can I grasp this love, the love of a friend, like the Love of Jesus, like the love that I share, when there are so many things to do? Forget the doing and just be.

My challenge for myself is to:

* Be available for the hurting to have a shoulder to lean on.

* Be a glimpse of hope even when things are not going great on my end.

* Be the first to give a smile or hug.

I can focus on how far JESUS has already brought me through, and keep my eyes on HIS promise. So my goal is to be still long enough to listen for direction, and be a friend along the way for those who are in need of the one thing I have to offer, the love of Jesus. When I am hurt by those I love, I have to remember that some really don't know what they do, and forgive, move forward, and stay focused. Be a friend and love them at all times.

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