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Woman At The Well

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

All by myself, here at the well again

Drawing water during the afternoon

All the others get their fill in the cool of the day

But as for me, I’m too ashamed.

They know me, all those in the village

As the one who seeks someone to love

I can not hide it anymore, everyone knows

But they do not know, my heart is broken.

Though many pass by, I feel all alone

They laugh, spit, and curse at me

I have nowhere to go away from them

Inside I feel like I should die.

Who is this who sits close by me

If only He knew, this would not be so

He speaks with words softly spoken

But I simply do not understand.

“Will you give me a drink?” He asked,

Who am I that I should give

Then He offers me the living water

I am now satisfied, my soul is at rest, I have seen Christ.

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