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Volcano of Fire and Water

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

In December 2001, I had a dream about a place up in the

mountains. One mountain spewed fire and the other spewed

water, like volcanoes. I could see clouds below me and little

children in a garden calling me Mom. A couple of pastors said

in Spanish, come to Guatemala.

I never thought about Guatemala before that and even at

the time, I could not afford to go. In 2002, I was involved in a

ministry that helped individuals learn about missions. I was

supposed to find someone in a country that was a missionary

and ask if I could come for a month to learn about the ministry

and help.

I did not ask anyone for money, though I was not working

at the time, but all my finances were met. When I got to the

country by plane, the missionaries picked me up and drove a

couple of hours. The location was San Cristobal, Guatemala to

an orphanage called “Shadow of His Wings, Children’s Home.”

The place was for young girls who were rescued from the

streets because they were abandoned, sold, or homeless. The

girls ranged from age 5 to 15. Such beautiful round faces with

big dark brown eyes and tanned skin.

The location was near a ravine that overlooked two large

volcanoes. One was named Volcan de Fuego, (Volcano of Fire)

and another named Volcan de Agua, (Volcano of Water). In the

mornings, the dew would settle like a thick cloud beneath us in

the ravine. It was not until one of the young girls called me

Mom that I remembered I had that dream a year earlier. Would

you believe that the name of the house I was helping at was

called “El Jardin” which means “Garden.”

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