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To Whom It May Concern

I can reflect on some of the hardest times in my life and find out the reason for my joy today…I have overcome by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB and the word of my testimony.  Jesus has been there for me, even when I could not see beyond the pain, suffering, or conflict.  Amazingly, He steps right in to fight for us, comforts us, loves us in our time of need. 

I was told one time that sometimes when we feel alone, it's not that the LORD has left us, it's that he is waiting on us to surrender.  Even when we surrender to HIS will by loving HIM, HE requires that we also surrender our trust to HIM.  HE will take care of every situation, if we'd only let go, and let GOD. 

I have not gone through the things you have gone through, but what I have seen is the strength that you gained, resilience to bounce back up when things seem to go downhill, and a deeper more intimate love for even your enemies.  No one could ever fill your shoes, but I know that the path you walk is a hard road, straight and narrow, security, surety, and confidence in your future home in Eternal realms of Glory.

I can only imagine the LORD receiving you and saying Well done, my good and faithful servant, friend, Beloved.

By Gloria Nesloney

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