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The Red, White, and Blue

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

The Red, White, and Blue You were in every place we knew. When your Colors flew, Everyone in silence stood.

American Flag, you blew in the wind there were uniformed women and men In Iraq, Germany, Somalia, and Japan All over the world as we fought for freedom.

Old Glory, you showed your stars and stripes in the fiery night When our troops crossed the desert dry Without waver, our soldiers even flew across the sky And yet you were there to see our heroes die.

Symbol of Peace, you wave with pride and honor For those who live in our country and those that wonder Freedom didn't come free and that is somber But the price was paid with a sea of burnt umber.

So, Stars and Stripes forever you will be The flag that reminds us of our liberty In this grandeur state, we believe That every soul should be free.

Years have gone, things have changed Wars continue on with rage But United We Stand and stay So that We can Say God Bless the USA.

Gloria Garcia 2010. Veteran USMC

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