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Stained Glass

Broken pieces, shattered life Shards of rugged edges, sharp as a knife Many to put back together, scattered aside.

Give them, tape them, fix them again. Whatever it takes, find a blend. Will someone help? I want to mend.

Colors of crimson, cyan, opal, and amber. Don't worry, I will help you remember The past behind you is now getting further.

What you see broken and useless is a work of art. I have all I need to mend your broken heart. Leave it to Me, trusting Me is just the start.

The beauty of pain is not the moment it begins As writhing agony may not make sense But under the pressure of brokenness, a newness ascends.

I don't understand. Please show me the way. Take my fears, with my mind don't play. All I can see is broken pieces, Lord, what shall I pray?

Pray you see what I see. There is no mistake, just ask. All those pieces have purpose that will last. Put together perfectly to create beautiful stained glass.

(Stained Glass Window Designed by Mal Nesloney "Rose of Sharon")

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