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Spirit of Doubt

A group of individuals were praying for a lady who was

sitting in the front area of a Methodist church. I was asked to

come pray for the lady. The lady seemed to have some kind of

edema and she said she thought it was her kidneys. I stepped

aside for a while to ask the LORD what to pray for and how to


I closed my eyes and in a vision I saw a very large,

swollen hand. When I opened my eyes, I noticed the lady had

her hands raised but she had a very unusual large swollen hand.

Now I knew I was to pray for her, but I didn’t know what to

pray. As I waited on the Lord, He said to me, “Ask her if she

believes I can heal her.” I told her what the Lord said in

Spanish, “Dios dice, crea que Dios puede a sanar?”

Not once did she acknowledge that she believed that the Lord would heal her. Instead she repeatedly said “I love the

Lord, I love the Lord, I love the Lord” in Spanish.

The Lord said, “Tell her I want to heal her first of her doubt, than she will

be made whole.” I told the lady these words, she began to

weep. She acknowledged that she did not believe that the Lord

would heal her. The surprise to the church was that she was the

pastor’s wife of that church. Once she confessed of the doubt

she had, her body was healed starting with the swollen hands.

I have learned that when you pray for someone, and they

keep on addressing something that has nothing to do with the

prayer, there is something keeping them from receiving the

prayer. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, but not yet

seen. Doubt will continue to keep you from receiving

everything that is eternally yours.

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