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Spheres of Influence

I would not have considered myself a genius by any means, but I went to school during the summers; I received enough credit to skip my junior year of High School and graduated ahead of my classmates. This was a decision I made. My parents advised the pros and cons of taking the risk of getting out of school yearly and losing my friends. My reasoning was that I would rather get out of school so I can move. If my friends are truly my friends, they will understand. I was right about my decision and thankful that my parents did not push any agenda on me.

After I graduated, I went to college for the summer when I received financial aid. However, we could not afford me going to college another semester. I wanted a new life, a new identity, now that I was starting to take education seriously again and wanted to explore the world. While I was there, I was able to do a work study program with the Business Office, Counselors Office, and Administration Office.

At the age of seventeen, I moved out of the house with the blessing of my family. My older brother had joined the Army and my little brother was entering high school. I moved to San Marcos. Out on my own going to a school that promised to pay for my education, promised to have all debts paid, and even promised to pay me an allowance for staying there. The facility was called Gary Job Corps. I was free from Freer; I was out on my own, but not in good hands.

The school counselor assured me that I would be contracted to receive an Accounting Degree with all expenses paid. It sounded like a great venture, so I signed up and moved to the facility. My first bus ride to the location was liberating. I was really doing this. I had very few belongings packed as I assumed I would have time to shop for new things when I arrived in the new environment.