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Seasons of My Life

The quietness does not call me to hide away

Yet it beckons me to draw near

Misty and cold, foggy and silent

To take this time of sweet surrender.

The breeze brushes against my face

To the Heavenly realm an Eternal atmosphere

I can see the green from the ground

A sign of times changing ready for Springs embrace.

My soul grows faint within me, My Spirit fights

“Stay focused, see more, look deeper still

As the thick clouds cover the land

Imagine the mansions and the Glorious thrill.

Dewdrops from the trees above off the dry branches

Soon the leaves will flourish and look alive

It does not look like that now but in time

All the season has brought, will have the tree thrive.”

If the things that I have endured until now

Have been to make me strong in the Faith race

I have failed but can see a little more

That I too will take my weakness in grace.

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