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A Healed Back and More…

While in Matehuala, Mexico, a husband and wife visited

a small Pentecostal church during the time we were ministering

a revival service and having a community pastors gathering.

The couple were visiting from Monterrey. The wife had a

medical issue that was undetermined by doctors but obviously

she was hurting. Her back was bent, she could not sit correctly,

and movement was hard on her. She came up for prayer. While

people prayed, I asked the Lord what I should pray. I heard

Him say, “Tell her, crrrrruckkk.” I did not understand, but I said

it anyway. I told the lady in Spanish, Dios dice, crrruckkk”

meaning “God says, crrrrruckkk.”

Immediately, her back straighten and she was instantly healed. It sounded like a chiropractic adjustment had happened

to her, with the sound crrrrruckkk. I remembered the sound because I used to work for a Chiropractor for a couple of years.

The husband began weeping.

When I went to ask the husband why he was weeping he said he prayed that if God healed his wife, he would become the

pastor of that church in Matehuala. It sounded strange because

now he had to let his wife know that they were going to have to

move from Monterrey to Matehuala and let the current pastor

know what he prayed. The pastor began to weep also because

he prayed that someone would be the pastor of that church

because he had a heart for evangelism on the streets.

It all worked out. A woman was healed. A pastor became

an evangelist. A new pastor was in place and nothing was

holding them back from moving forward. This is a prime

example of how determination, desperation, and manifestation


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