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Rainbow and Key

In 2002, I was invited to go to San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Four members of a church I was attending and a group of six

people from a church in Pensacola, Florida drove together. We

traveled by car from Corpus Christi to our destination where we

would take turns driving. We were going to a city named

Matehuala. I had never been that far south into Mexico.

As we were entering into Saltillo, I had a vision that I told

the group I was with from Pensacola. The vision was that of a

huge rainbow that I could see the beginning and end. It was

longer than wide. Then I saw a key just right over the rainbow.

The group and I prayed about the vision. A couple hours later,

we entered Matehuala and to our amazement, the entrance of

the city is a huge rainbow with a key on it and had the writing

“Bienvenidos a Matehuala”

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