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Kuna Yala

While I was in prayer in my home, I had a vision and

began to pray about what I saw. In the vision, I saw a baby with

a white baby hooded cap. The baby had a well rounded face

and a completion of pale white. Under the hooded cap the baby

had no ears. I prayed for this baby and went on my way

through the rest of my prayer time.

A couple of months later, I was invited to go to San Blas

Islands in Panama. We visited three islands: Irigandi, Ukupa,

and Playon Chico. The people were pigmy Indians called Kuna

Indians. They did not speak English or Spanish but a dialect of

Kuna Yala.

Our team met up with a Pastor of a Baptist church. He

allowed us to stay at his church while we would visit the islands

and do medical missions. We administered a stomach medicine

to help get rid of worms that was a major issue because of the

unsanitary fruit and vegetables the people ate.

We slept in huts on hammocks to keep from get bit by the

rats and covered our hammocks to keep from getting bit by the

mosquitoes and bats. Fresh homemade bread, bottled coke, and

the catch of the day fish or prawns were the staple food that was

safe to eat for us.

The clear blue water was deceiving as it looked like it

was shallow, but it was several feet deep. Starfish were

beautiful and sea urchins were abundant. Plantain bananas,

breadfruit, coconuts, and mangoes were good if you picked it

fresh and ensured nothing was in it before you took a bite.

The people were small in stature, bronze in color, and

most of the men had large muscles on their forearms. Big dark

brown eyes peeked at us while we would preach at the church

hut that was lit with lantern. It was not much light at all, but the

joy of the people lit up the atmosphere. They traveled far from

one part of the island to the other just to hear what we had to


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