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Power of Prayer

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Paul’s model prayer for the new disciples and new church was for them to grow in the knowledge grace and love of Christ. He demonstrated the power of prayer by asking for the perseverance of the saints in their profession of Christ and to be a example for many more who would be receiving the Word. The prayer of Jesus was for all his disciples not to have them be displaced from their situations of hardships but to endure and remain faithful in love towards him. The pattern prayer is knowing our need of a Savior and a reflection in our weaknesses of humanity. The power of prayer encourages the listener, moves mountains of obstacles in the way of the one being prayer for, breaks the bondages of the strongholds, and displays the manifested restoration of God as He moves in the lives of people. Prayer is the backbone of the church body in nourishment, growth, maturity, and increase. A day without prayer is a day you could be defeated. Prayer in faith and by God’s word will produce because it pleases God to do what He said He would do. We just need to pray and Abba does it for us to Glorify His Name.

How do you pray? Do you ask for yourself more than you ask for other people? Are you praying according to God’s word or for things you want the way you want it. When you are going through struggles, do you ask God to remove you from them or to get the other people to change? What is your primary purpose for praying? Do you pray just to do something or do you believe what you are asking? Are you anticipating the answer to come in a certain way? Will you be in agreement with the Spirit as He reveals the inner most parts of your heart He is working on?

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