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Miracle Ear

We were on one of the Islands off of Panama when we were invited to eat

dinner with the Pastor and his wife. We had not yet met the

whole family because the wife stayed home with their two sons,

an eleven year old and a one year old who was covered from

head to toe with clothing which was odd for such a tropical

warm environment.

The pastor and wife were very friendly and attentive to us. When the eleven year old began to have an attack, I saw the wife looking like she was casting out a demon of some sort. I asked what was going on with the son, and they said he was demon possessed and so they have kept him from going to church because the Pastor did not want people to think that he

was into witchcraft due to the son’s behavior and the villages cultural belief.

I asked how long this was going on. The parents responded that it was shortly after the son had hit his head while playing. The parents said that he was a normal boy until the

demons got a hold of him. The demons caused the boy to be unresponsive to normal behavior like talking, running, or eating. The boy would glare, not speak, drool, and not pay

attention to anything that was going on around the house.

He had hit his head too many times and it was obvious

that he was having epileptic attacks. I saw that the boy was in

distress and not acting out, but having a grand mal seizure. The

parents said he had several demon attacks a day. Both of the

parents were feeling like a failure or that they did not have

enough faith. I prayed. When the boy came out of the epileptic

attack, I spoke to the boy who seemed to understand me even

though I was speaking English. He could repeat what I was

saying to him. He began to smile and understand. He hugged

his parents.

The Pastor began to cry and asked if we could pray for his little son. I asked what was going on with him. The mother took the clothes off of the little boy and he was an albino. They were ashamed because they thought that they were cursed to have an albino. I did not pray for the little boy about being an albino, but explained to the parents that their belief that albinos were a curse was not a true belief, but rather a false belief because of their culture.

Then the parents pointed to the little boy and took his cap off to show that the little boy did not have ears. Only a little hole was where an ear could have been. I knew right then and there, that I had already prayed for this little boy back at home

months before.

As I began to pray with the parents to ask for forgiveness

in believing traditional falsehoods and repenting, the miracle

happened. I did not pray for ears, but all of a sudden a little bud

of something that looked like cartilage began to form. The little

boy began to cry as he was able to hear for the first time. The

parents were so full of joy.

The next day the Pastor, his wife, and two sons attended

church together. They gave their testimony about what had

happened, their confession, and how the Lord healed both of the

sons. Though the albino son was still albino, that gave the

opportunity for the others in the congregation to accept albinos

as part of the Christian family instead of treating them like

outcasts or as cursed people.

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