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Little Lamb

I can hear your voice in the distance But I can't see your face When can I be with you? I miss your secure embrace.

Heavenly Father, you never left me Even while I was running away. You were always near me In sorrow, joy, and my pain.

When can I tell you All the secrets I hide in my heart? The deepest of my hopes and fears And ask forgiveness for a brand new start.

So even at this hour as I am in the valley Come up higher I can hear you say, And then the sound so familiar, Your lips call out my name.

My knees are weak, my face I hide, Then you lift up my head and you begin to smile. This lost sheep I have now found, And for you alone I walked the extra mile.

You are my Beloved, My lamb I adore Why would you stray or say your alone Always will I be with you, you can be assured My child, you are the one my heart beats for.

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