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Labor of Love

In a small village called Real de Catorce, we met up with

a lady who lived in a homemade mud house. She made the

house by mud and hay brick using cake pans and letting

the mud dry. As if that was not enough, she was a single

woman who took in children from the streets and gave them a

safe place to live. The children came out and were so happy to

see us.

I remembered listening to her as she spoke with welcome

and humility. As I hugged her, she told me that she had a dream

about me and the word I was supposed to share with her was

from the Lord. I said I did have a dream also and the word I

was to tell her “no labor of love is in vain” She agreed, we

were joyful that we were sent not with gifts or tokens of

appreciation, though she needed those things too, what she

wanted was God’s word to refresh her.

It didn’t seem so significant to me why she wanted to

hear those words, but it touched her heart that the Lord heard

her prayer when she was wanting to give up because she was

getting older and tired. I could only imagine how many more

little children were taken in by this unsung woman who had

nothing but faith in God and love for the little ones.

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