"It's Getting Late"

It's getting late, it's too much to bear,

It's getting late, does anyone care?

Though many don't know JESUS, it is sad to say,

I must continue to pray. The trumpet may sound at the sound of war,

or it may sound at Heaven's door. But when it blows, some will declare,

Oh, I wish I had already been prepared.

No one knows the day or season,

there is no time to try to reason. The WORD is clear,


Are you ready for Eternal Life,

or will you be crying to escape the strife.

It's getting late, it's too much to bear,

It's getting late, I do care.

Call upon the LORD while HE is near,

and you will no longer live in fear. Of that which is to come for those that do not know,

the hour of the final trumpet blow.

Take heed to the words from the Prophets of old,

stay strong, do not waver, be bold. To tell all those who may be wretched,

GOD IS READY to take up HIS Beloved.

Behold, My Child, I Am Coming Soon.

Be ready, Day, Night, and Noon. Forgive us, LORD, our nation is in need,

Hear our Prayer, LORD, we plead...

Have mercy on us this day,

to turn from our wicked way. For when the hours of Rapture may be,

Let us be caught up with Thee.

Gloria Nesloney

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