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It Hurts

It say thank you Lord...for giving me a great Sister and Friend.

You saw that she is faithful and true

So you wanted her closer to You.

Marleigh Spillane Martinez you ran well.

Yes, it hurts...but Lord you know what is best.

Now my friend can truly find rest.

To those who know you, You will be missed,

Family, friends, and the angels you have kissed.

When It still Hurts, Lord you have given us all an example of

Strength, courage, and gentleness..

Sarcastic, punny, and sillyness,

When going through the toughest trials anyone could endure,

Her foundation in You was sure.

The joys we shared,

The times when we were scared,

The clock just ticked on, we didn't care.

Now the hands of time have stopped today for you my Dear.

Sister Friend, I know you and Jesus will be drying our tears.

Well done good and faithful is hard to say

because It Hurts to know we don't have another day.

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