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by Gloria Garcia Nesloney

I seek a realm of peace, I lay my weary head. I drift between time and space, I am free here instead. My spirit soars and takes flight, higher than high. Nothing is concealed in the midst of my eyes.

Contours, shapes, colors, flavors, smells, emotions. My spirit is part of all the commotion. I am above, below, in the middle, or seeing from afar. All these scenes I see, it's really bizarre.

Who can know the dreams I've dreamed?

Or the visions I have seen? Who can tell when I was awake to see the drama. Or if I was one who knew these and escaped the trauma.

The days had been filled with worries, troubles, and cares. A list cannot fit all of the enemies flares. When the time has come to ignore the shame and pain I embrace that place inside of me no one can take away.

The terrible truth of it all is that no one can know The places I've been, The places I walk, or the places I go. I capture my thoughts, the casualties of those that scream. I toss them behind like leaving them into the sea.

Then with millions around or when I am alone I quiet my spirit to enter into a place it belongs I slip past my body and soul for just a little while And I hide inside with my LORD and wait for HIS smile.

Written 11-11-2002

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