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Heal Our Land

I couldn't help myself when I began to prophesy at the city council meeting to a lady that was sitting next to me. She asked me what I saw in the city. I told her the following, "I have noticed when I enter the city, I see a section of mesquite trees that are dry, still standing, yet dead, but the ground around it is lush and green with wildflowers blooming bright and plentiful. It has been raining sufficiently.

Normally mesquite trees tolerate lots of weather changes, but the ones in this small area are not flourishing, not even green sprigs." She asked, "So what are you saying?" I said, "It's not the outside appearance that I am concerned for, but what happened to the roots of the trees, they are rotting under the ground. Though the trees look strong, they will fall with the next big wind, or burn quickly if there was a fire, as for the small wildflowers they are beautiful and retaining just enough nutrients to keep them alive, they may be small, but they are alive.

I see some of the leaders as the mesquite trees. They are standing tall, they look strong, but they are not standing firm to morals that were taught for many generations. They are not growing, their roots are rotting. But the humbleness of those who are around them will flourish, as they bloom they give hope, beautify, and assurance that there is the vigor of life. The people make the city beautiful. It's not about how tall our leaders stand, or how strong they look, it's about their roots. Are they grounded in firm soil, TRUTH?"

Why do I sense an urgency? For the same reason, you do for your own soul. It's God's compassion and mercy that leads us to repentance, as an individual, as a church, as a community, and as a Nation.

Forgive us, Lord, have mercy, deliver us from wickedness, that we may know your power and testify: Look at what the Lord has done for us…He has done marvelous wonders in our sight, and we enjoy the fruits of laboring in love in the days of our living to tell the next generation. Begin with me, Almighty God. Heal our land, set the captives free, bring us to our knees and closer to Your heart for your people.

Baruch ata Adonai, Eloheinu melech ha-olam. Blessed are you Oh Lord, Our God, King of the Universe (of all that is seen and unseen) You know what the outcome is even now, but help me to be aligned with your plan to do what you have called me to do in this hour, for my sake and the sake of your people, for this city and the places You call me to in the future.

Let the healing begin, for our city, state, nation, and the world. By Gloria Nesloney

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