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God Heals Furbabies

One day I went to visit a family in Freer that I visited often. Not

for fellowship or our long praise reports. That day, the family

called me because they were in need of prayer. When I came

over, everyone looked fine to me, so who was the prayer for?

This family had various kinds of fur babies that were treated

like their family members. When the youngest daughter

brought out two kittens who were about 6 months old, I could

tell that she wanted me to pray for them. I did not laugh one

bit, because I knew the seriousness of the request and the faith

of the youngest daughter. The parents called me because they

were ready to take the kittens to the veterinarian and have them

put them to sleep.

The kittens were riddled with tumors on their little furry

bodies, they were too weak to walk, and their eyes were swollen

shut from lack of proper nutrition because they were not eating.

These kittens were definitely sickly. I may have recommended

they to take the kittens to the vet and carry on with their sincere

motive, but my heart broke when I saw the young girl’s face, so

I refrained from voicing out my thought. The girl left the room

because she did not want to face the inevitable. I did what I

knew to do. I prayed for the kittens.

After I anointed the kittens with oil, prayed, I sat and visited with the parents for a while. It may have been about 30

minutes, as I did have a tendency to enjoy fellowship. The young girl came out of her room, and saw the kittens. She asked us to come over and see what had happened to the kittens. They regained some strength, their eyes were beginning to

open, some of the tumors decreased in size.

The kittens made it. They did not have to do the final

visit to the vet. To all of our surprise, yes, even mine, a miracle

for the kittens was granted. It was an awkward request. I do

not claim to know how or why God does things or does not do

them, but when He answers the prayer of faith for anyone, I get

excited, but for pets, I am learning everything belongs to God,

even furbabies.

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