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Determination, Desperation, Manifestation

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

It is not by coincidence or by luck that anyone gets what they ask for or not get what they did not ask for. It is the same as for those who got what they did not ask for and for those who do not get what they asked for. Whether by prayer, pleading, supplication, petitioning or trying to make something happen by the work of man’s hand is the reward we get and then we call it God. We take a chance – like gambling on believing God for something and then go around and call it luck. When things do not work out the way we planned it we say we missed God’s blessing. John 5:1-17 tells of a man along with many who knew about the pool that would be stirred up by the angel. The Jews were furious to see a man:

* Who was healed by the word spoken by Jesus,

* Who was healed on the Sabbath,

* Who carried his bed and was walking.

The Jews missed the point of what happened because they were busy trying to keep the law, finding fault in healing and the man who carried his bed himself. Let us go back thirty-eight years of the many people who had to have someone carry them to the pool. They could have camped out the night before so that the Law would not be broken. Thousands of individuals along with the one that was healed went every year hoping they would be the first to get in the water. That is called determination. There they were waiting for the water to be turned knowing only the first person in the pool would have been healed. Everyone wishing it was them. They probably would have the lamer, weaker, blind, deaf, sicker people behind them because of their inability to get to water fast enough. It was easier for the stronger in body to reach the water.

During the man’s lifetime thirty-eight people got healed in front of him. His desire was limited by his resources of someone who could actually help him in the pool. Who would help him be the first since everyone was there for the same reason. That is called Desperation. From within the crowd Jesus’ compassion overrides and the voice of truth asks the question requiring one answer. “Do you want to be made well?” Jesus already knowing the answer knew the man’s problem. He did not ask him what his problem was, what his symptoms were, how long he had suffered. He simply asked a question. “Do you want to be made well?” In the end, Jesus is the Word that healed the man immediately. This is called manifestation. It happened. The man was made well. Jesus could not deny it, the man could not deny it, the others that were lame, deaf, crippled or ill, could not deny it. Even the Jews could not deny it. But instead of focusing on the miracle that had happened or rejoicing for the one who could not walk, it was more important for the Jews to come against the miracle of God through the laws of man.

When miracles happen, there is determination, desperation, and manifestation. Do not deny the power, do not deny the evidence and do not condemn the one who testifies of the miracle. Be made well,” Jesus replied in the same manner with a bold statement. “Rise, take up your bed and walk.” How can he do such a thing that was contrary to the healing expected? How could a man who has not walked for thirty-eight years just carry a bed much less himself? What if his strength left him? What would others say? Healing came and that’s what mattered.

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