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Chief Approval

We had an interpreter while we stayed on the San Blas Islands.

He stayed with us anytime we went somewhere and to ensure our safety.

He told us about their culture, their beliefs and the way of the people. On the

islands, there are numerous albino people than I have ever seen

in my lifetime. They are considered to be cursed. Every

morning the men would get up and get on their boats to catch

food, or to trade. While the men were out, the women took care

of the family. If someone was able to care for the family, the

rest of the women would go to the mountain tops to pay

respects to their departed loved ones. The children played and

helped around the hut.

Once a week the people would gather for townhall meeting and speak with the chiefs before anyone was allowed to

enter into the island. A young girl around 4 years old at the time came to me and just stared at me. She sat quietly during

this meeting as we were waiting for our interpreter to let us know if we were welcomed by the chiefs to stay. The little girl ran outside and came back with a hibiscus flower and put it on my ear. I thought she was so sweet to do that.

Suddenly, I felt something, somethings crawling on me. The flower had ants,

lots of them.

I could not excuse myself to leave the meeting, but I was getting uncomfortable. The chief spoke to me directly as he

could see that I was not comfortable. When I told him what

was going on, he understood very little English, and he began to

laugh. So did the people in the meeting. Then he asked me

why we should be allowed to enter into his island. I told him

we were going to give medicine to the hurting and give anyone

who wanted, Jesus. He had already asked Jesus into his heart

and we were allowed to enter the island.

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