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A Witch Named Abigail

Before any ministering in San Luis Potosi, Mexico we prayed.

We were going to be meeting with several pastors from different churches.

We interceded and asked God what we were to do next.

We would also discuss any dreams or

visions we had that may pertain to the mission. I had a dream

that just lingered, I didn’t understand it, but I knew it something

to do with our mission.

The dream was about a witch named Abigail. In the

dream, I saw her. She was not hideous nor eerie. Beautiful and

very helpful, but something wasn’t quiet right. The only thing

that was out of place was when she introduced herself, she said

“I’m a witch named Abigail.” She was giving gifts to everyone

with a smile on her face.

We didn’t come to any conclusion as to what that dream

meant, but we didn’t worry too much about it either for the

duration of the day. Later that evening we visited a Baptist

church in one of the villages on the mountain. The pastor asked

us to come over and pray over his building that was under

renovation with cinderblocks.

The pastor reported that he had a thriving church just a

couple months before we showed up. The church was

experiencing revival, healing, and salvations. They opened

their doors to a community pastors and city leader prayer

meetings that was well attended.

He remembered that a huge beautiful piano was donated to their church. He really didn’t know what to do with the

piano since no one knew how to play it. So he put it in the far corner of the church. After a couple of days, there was a stench

that came from the piano. When he opened the piano flap there was evidence of a dead animal and items of witchcraft.

He disposed of the carcass and items. He didn’t tell anyone

because he didn’t want people to get scared.

Shortly after his finding, there was a split in the church.

Some of the intercessors became prideful, insubordinate, and

left the church that they were faithful to for years. The

community pastor and city leader meetings dwindled quickly.

The project of the addition to the church came to a complete

halt as the volunteer workers just left. No one told the pastor

why or what happened. He was saddened.

Two pastors stayed for the prayer meetings and were

asked to be a part of the meeting we were having. One of the

pastors was from a Catholic church and the other was from

Church of Christ. They were unaware of the piano issue until

we were discussing it. I asked the pastor if he knew who

donated the piano, he said it was a lady named Abigail.

We spoke to the pastors about what we discussed earlier

that morning and about the dream. We advised the pastor to get

rid of the piano. Don’t sell it, don’t give it away, don’t try to

get money for it. Burn it. Everyone agreed and they burned the


Before we left Matehuala, the Baptist pastor called our

team leader with a praise report that some of the pastors and

city leaders meeting, some of the intercessors, some of the

congregation, and the volunteer workers started calling for

forgiveness and asked to return to the church. Praise God!

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