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A Small Box For Today

A small box for today is the gift I give to you,

What you will to do with it is something anew.

Throughout the day, put things in it for later.

At night, empty it out with thanksgiving and prayer.

Put in the joy, smiles, and laughter you have shared.

The thoughts, hopes, and dreams you have dared.

The tears, sorrow, and grief you have bared.

The things that run through your mind when you are scared.

I put a little candle inside your box to light the way

To answered prayer for the closing day.

In whatever request you bring to HIM

For a revelation that will not grow dim.

Know that this small box was given as a token of love

Like a gift from Heaven above.

Like broken mirrors put all in an array

We can be reminded that brokenness can turn out great.

Don't be afraid to start your day with awe and ponder

Go ahead and open your small box of miracles and wonder

Time will only tell when you have filled

your small box for Today

Then when you see someone else in need,

give a small box away.

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