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What is the Price?

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

The cost of lying is free for you at the expense of something or someone else. The price of truth cost everything yet many do not even want to give anything. The resurrection of Christ was an event that took place where the same standards of soldiers used for the king’s army were put in charge of the tomb. These soldiers would have been like sergeants in our time active duty because they served between ten to twelve years. The lie they told would have cost their lives, their reputation, and their jobs. Even as employment was important, they could not help but to report what they saw, heard, and knew.

Instead of reporting first to the governor the leader of the city, they told the leaders of the church, the chief priest. The priests could not have the truth told and let the people of the community know this without first bribing the soldiers with a lot of money to them to keep their mouths shut. The priests also promised that if the governor heard of what had happened, “the soldiers had slept” the priests would bribe him too and ensure the soldiers kept their position. The facts were not told not for the fear of people coming to Jesus, but the fear that the chief priests would lose their portion and status because they were corrupt and teaching falsehood. The truth remained unknown – for awhile. Just like today's world, the people had to make a choice to believe and receive the truth or believe and receive the lie.

Did you ever have to lie? What price did you pay to ensure your secret never got to someone? Did you bribe someone? Did you steal? Did you make promises to keep the lie hidden? Did you threaten to get what you wanted? Did you say something to make you look good towards other people? Jesus paid a high price so the truth would reach even our own ears. He paid with more than silver or gold could buy. What He paid for was each and every one of us to live in Heaven for eternity and in the truth before we get there.

The question is now, will you receive truth – for free without cost from you. Will you take what has been given and let others know about what Jesus has done in your life? Or will you be like the soldiers who saw, heard, and were witnesses of the experience of resurrection and settle for a few dollars exchanging truth for a lie, eternal blessing or eternal damnation. Why settle for less when you can have the best. He paid the price we could not pay.

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