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What Are You Waiting For?

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

God has been waiting for you to come to him with your whole heart. Some of us have given our heart to the Lord but not our whole heart. But when it comes to serving the Lord we pull back to get our heart back from him because we do not want to do what the asks us to. Fear, doubt, and disobedience keeps us from moving forward with God. Some of us have become comfortable holding on to the promises of God but do not realize they are far from them.

*We pray for our family for salvation but we are not good examples of Jesus with our tongues speaking against the leadership of the church or against others who are not a part of the church.

*We pray for healing and deliverance for the sick and oppressed, yet we do not have faith enough to move a small hill of beans much less a mountain.

*We pray about the sickness or oppression more than glorifying God for His Word to come to pass and be manifested in the Spirit, mind, and body of the one who needs help.

*We pray for laborers to help bring the harvest, finances and church growth, yet we sit waiting for them to come into a place where the congregation does not rejoice for own visitor and introduces them. The person leaves the same way if not worse off, feeling alone, saddened and possibly giving up on life or on God.

Finances trickle in like the rain around the desert places, in small measure, for a season at a time. Church growth has become a number count instead of a hearts changed count. This happens because God has been waiting for us to come to Him with our whole heart.

What are we waiting for? Are we waiting for another brother or sister to lie sick or dying a hospital room before we go visit them to tell them you love them? Are we waiting for the news report to mention another soul who was searching for God turn on his family or on himself with a gun? Are we waiting for Jesus to return before we do anything for the church? Are we waiting for finances to get better before we give only to find out we get deeper and deeper in with the loan sharks? Are we waiting for prayer service for the sick, lost or dying before we remember to go visit our own family and tell them about Jesus? Are we waiting for the next revival before we get revived? Are we waiting for Congress to pass a law that permits one more abomination before we began to pray for the leaders of our country? Are we waiting for another 911, pandemic, genocide, euthanasia, another abortion movement, World War before we give our heart completely to God? There will be a time too late to do anything at all. Hell is not polite and generous or merciful. If you are not ready, what are you waiting for? Give your heart absolutely to God, and you will begin to understand the kingdom of Heaven and see the benefits of obedience.

* Ask the Holy Spirit to convict us of sin.

* Agree with God about the seriousness of sin.

* Make no excuses, just confession.

* Be honest.

* Acknowledge Jesus.

* Walk with believers.

* Do not let sin be your guide.

* Let Jesus take you by the hand.

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