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Unexpected Blessings - Finding Joy

Unexpected Blessings - Finding Joy is the first book in a series of books written by a group of Christian women sharing their stories on how they find joy. They share their hearts and circumstances through life's journey.

Visionary Author - Cindy Ann Rogers

Forward Author - Liz Hoop

Featured Author - Gloria Nesloney

Co-Author - Kay Kizer

Co-Author - Jessica Griffin

Co-Author - Candice Hamage

Co-Author - Sheila Farr

Co-Author - Lavonne Spears

Co-Author - Melissa Valenzuela

Co-Author - Pam Atkins

Co-Author - Crystal Janeen

Co-Author - Joanna Immanuel

Co-Author - Brittany Meeks

Co-Author - Vetrena Lendon

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