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Prophets Among You

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Prophets are among you, but you don't recognize them because they don't speak with big intellectual words. They speak the truth so profound that the simple can understand. They speak God's word. People will go states far away to hear the "new man" in town to get their ears full and tickled. Prophets are not banging on pulpits, on people's heads, or out with large crowds and loud speakers. They are in the wilderness, they are looking for the lost sheep and calling them back to Jesus...not to their building or denomination, or their favorite concert service. The prophets still have a voice. The message is the same.

Prophets, stop spending the calling on bashing. Call people back to repentance through the love and grace that was given to you. If a prophet doesn't have their house in order, their finances in order, their health in order, their heart in order, or their spirit in order, be aware. A prophet with no covering is a loose canon, be aware. A prophet who seeks their own gain, be aware. A prophet who shows out in the public, but doesn't show up to the altar of the Lord, be aware. A prophet who speaks boldly against others, but doesn't take the same word for themselves, be aware. A prophet who claims to have a new word, but doesn't read the Word, be aware.

For those who seek out prophets, don't. The Lord wants you to seek Him, then He will "send" someone to confirm and nurture what He has showed you. There is no such thing as a personal prophet, be aware. There is no such thing as a prophet who doesn't attend a place of worship and follows the ordinances of the scripture to tithe, remember the Sabbath, remembering the Lord's Supper, and submitting to authority. Prophets are not above the law of the Lord. There is no such thing as the "year" of the prophet, be aware. There is no such thing as a prophet who talks, acts, and dresses a particular way when they are in the church house and different when in public or at home.

Yes there are true Prophets among us, but you are responsible for the words you hear and what you do with those words. Prophets and you are accountable to God and His word above anything or anyone else. Read the Word, study the Word, live the Word then you will be able to discern that which is from the Lord or not. Prophets don't waver with the latest hype. Their concern is for increase of the Kingdom of God through repentance for Eternity. No they don't always give a pretty message of love and peace, or force someone to "get right." Sometimes the message is tough but only for the stubborn. A long Selah! GGN

Gloria Nesloney

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