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Love In Any Language

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

If you cannot understand any other language or sign, this is one you will know. Every country has their dialect, native tongue, culture, and traditions. Even some religions keep people together but this one thing is notoriously shared. The rich and poor share this quality. If you do not say a word you can still share by your actions. Sitting not saying a word can also express this action. A smile can say a lot without saying a word at all or doing anything. Actions speak louder than words.

Jesus showed love without words. When asked if He was the Son of God, or King of the Jews, Jesus he said nothing and held His peace. When accusation or persecution came, Jesus still said nothing. When hanging on the cross when the nails were going through his hands and feet and even while the traitors went by, still Love said nothing. The final words were of forgiveness from the Love that gave His life. A person is greatly remembered for righteousness or wickedness. People are hardly remembered for mediocre lifestyles. Jesus led a righteous holy life, a life of love for all people. Many people have heard about Jesus around the world. Evangelism at its best is not about how many people showed up to a tent meeting, but rather the love that was shared in the language understood by all nations and tribes.

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