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Learning Step By Step

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Like students getting into a new class, lesson, test, we need to go to school, study, do our homework, prepare for the test, take the test, pass the test, and continue going to class. We build upon what we have learned. When we have put forth effort to prepare, we will know the teacher will be pleased with the student because they can go on to deeper lessons. The teacher gives the rules for the classroom and tells the students before class gets started what is expected out of them during the school season. If they do not obey, there are consequences. The teacher may say, “You should put in more of your energy into what you are doing. You only get better if you keep up with the lessons. Do not miss class. Do not just study enough to get by. Take your time to grasp the meaning of what you are learning.

Find ways to help someone out, and you will retain more of what you have studied. If you have any questions, just ask; I am here to help you succeed. Stay after class if you need some one on one time to understand how to do the le