Good To The Last Drop

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

A good cup of coffee is finished, with every sip, gulp or drink until you see the bottom of the cup. You can get a refill or be satisfied with what you already had. Paul needed more ink to finish the writings of his testimony, instructions, and warnings. How much effort is needed to bring knowledge to already educated people and uneducated people of his time? The writings of Paul prove to be written with enthusiasm, concern and compassion along with leadership, tact, and boldness towards the believers and unbelievers.

The life Paul led was one that protected God’s people. His intentions were correct but the actions were wrong. Jesus spoke to Paul and changed his life from that time on Paul would never be the same. With the background of his religion and the protection of it was charged to becoming a Christian and protecting Christianity even through the trials he went through. Nothing stopped his hand, even in prison, from writing about his changed life. When he had time to talk, he would speak. Every opportunity there were people who knew that he followed Jesus and they knew he stood for the Gospel even unto death.

Just like finishing the last drop of good coffee, like finishing the last drop of ink available he was good to the last drop.

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