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Fruitless Tree

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Trees that bear fruit are good trees, good trees produce good fruit. Bad trees produce bad fruit. The bad tree may look good but the roots are not strong. The fruit forms and can seem pleasing to the eye. But when you take the fruit and open it up there is nothing inside just a shell. If you plant good seeds, good trees come forth to produce more good fruit, if you plant bad seeds you might get a tree then the fruit will produce more bad seeds. Trees are representatives of character, roots are what strengthens the tree to stand or weakens the tree to fall. Fruit is the product of what the roots are nourished with.

A tree can look strong but what lies beneath. Roots can be good or bad. Pride / Humbleness, Greed / Stewardship, Hate / Love, Fear / Trust, Rebellion / Obedience are roots. The fruit produces what is not seen but will eventually be visible to all. Fruit of the Spirit or a fruitless tree – selfish, rage, or bitterness. Are you like a tree needing to be chopped from the bad roots to be replaced with good roots?

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