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The Whites of His Eyes

Our team was ready to head back to our home for the

night in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. A mother stopped me from leaving, and grabbed me to

sit with her. I could tell she was anxious so I didn’t resist. She

sat me on a bench where a young boy was sitting. It was her

son. She asked me to pray for his eyes because he couldn’t see.

When I asked the Lord how to pray, He said, “Tell him to

look at Me.”

I asked the boy to look up and I could see the whites of his eyes were fully red and scratchy looking. He said it felt like sandpaper was in his eyes and it hurt to keep them opened. I told the boy again to look up to the Lord who was going to heal him. When the boy looked up, I could see his eyes turning white and clear. He didn’t have to say a word, everyone who saw this praised God. His expression of joy was indescribable.

I don’t pray for everyone, but this mother was

unrelenting. She wanted her son healed. She took the chance

and had the faith. God did it!

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