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At the Car Wash, Yeah!

One Sunday, after our morning church service, I was invited to have a lunch fellowship with one of the families who owned a car wash at the time. It was a nice day and the spring air was blowing. For Freer, that’s a big deal, because it allows people to want to be outside, cruise the streets, or get their cars washed. We finished our meal and started playing some praise and worship music. People began showing up to wash their cars, only thing is that the car wash was closed on Sundays, we were there because we were having fellowship. But the people who came by did not get a car wash, but a soul wash.

When someone stopped by, we told them the car wash was closed but we offered them a prayer. People were asking Jesus into their hearts, getting baptized in the Holy Spirit, falling out in the Spirit, and getting healed. That day, there were about 20 people who came out to the car wash that got a prayer. Now if you know Freer, and where this little family-owned car wash was, you would know that this car wash is somewhat out of the way of going to town. It just seemed like the right thing to do, offer prayer, they are there already.

One lady who had a lump on her foot asked for prayer. She said it was some kind of bone spur. We gave her a chair to sit for support while we prayed. I put oil on my hands and put my hand on her foot where the lump was and I could feel it as it was going away. The lady’s eyes locked on mine. I did not pray loud where anyone could hear me. The woman did not have a good poker face on. Her facial expressions said it all. She knew she was healed, and walked without pain.

I have learned that a revival has nothing to do with scheduled dates or locations. That day lives were changed, that is revival.

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